Renovation & Remodeling

Renovation & Remodeling

In Blackwood, Cherry Hill, & the Surrounding NJ Area

Imp-Pro’s is a home builder and residential construction company serving clients throughout Blackwood, Gloucester Township, Cherry Hill, Washington Township, Williamstown and surrounding areas of southern New Jersey. They have made it their mission to make their clients feel at ease throughout the entire project, while offering a complete warranty.

Three Year Workmanship Warranty

There are no questions with this warranty. Everything is spelled out in black and white in a publication put out by The National association of Home Builders and Remolding Counsel. You can find it on the net but Imp-Pros will give it to you with every contract as well and it is known as The Residential Construction Performance Guidelines.

  • It Covers All You Want To Know To Put Your Mind At Ease
  • Observation Of A Defect Or Problem
  • Specifics Criteria For Accepted Workmanship
  • Corrective Measures; Repairs Required By Contractor And Or Owners Maintenance Responsibility
  • Discussion; Explanation Of Unique Factors