Update the Look of Your Home or Business

Update the Look of Your Home or Business

Remodeling Services in Blackwood, Cherry Hill & the Surrounding NJ Area

Imp-Pro’s believes in maintaining the utmost ethical business practices and procedures. They encourage you to be asking all of the right questions when it comes to deciding on a residential remodeling company to hire for your next project. They believe that you should be evaluating your contractor and making sure that the following questions are answered and that you feel confident in your decision. They are more than happy to confidently answer the below questions:

Contractor Evaluation FAQ’s

  • Are You Licensed?

    -Yes, we are fully licensed and certified home builders in southern New Jersey and Philadelphia.
  • Do You Carry Liability Insurance?

    -Yes, we are fully covered when it comes to liability insurance and workmen’s compensation. You have nothing to worry about when working with our team.
  • Are Your Men Covered By Workers Comp?

    -Yes, our men are covered by workmen’s compensation and there is no liability on the client whatsoever.
  • Will You Supply Me With A Copy Of Your Insurance And Licencing?

    -Yes, available upon request.
  • Is This Your Primary Means Of Income?

    -Yes, for three generations our family has made a living by being an industry leading construction company in the southern New Jersey area.
  • How Long Have You Been In Business?

    - My grandfather started Imp-Pro’s in the 1920’s. We have been in business for nearly 100 years.
  • Will You Be Personally Involved In My Project?

    -We will always take a hands on approach to every project that we work on. We know that many general contractors are not necessarily that involved in the project and instead just oversee the work. We differ from the standpoint that we make it our goal to be on-site and involved throughout every step of the way to ensure a job perfectly executed.
  • Do You Use Sub Contractors?

    -We will use sub contractors if the job permits it. We only work with the best industry leading professionals to ensure that your home is getting the proper treatment required.
  • Have You Done A Project Like This Before?

    -With nearly 100 years of work under our belt, we can confidently say that we have done just about every job imaginable.
  • Will You Supply Me With A List Of References?

    -Yes, Available upon request.
  • Will You Give Me A Start Date And Completion Date?

    -Yes, we will work with you every step of the way to keep you informed of our timeline.